[wdmaudiodev] KMixer glitches after hibernate

  • From: Michail Nikolaev <michail.nikolaev@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2010 12:48:07 +0200


I have some problems with sound after hibernate on Windows XP (SP3) using
one-stream driver.

I am using one-stream pci miniport (one stream for render, another one – for
capture). Driver sends all rendered content to capture pin, to allow by-fly
sound processing in user mode.

So, because only one render stream is used, it is manager by kmixer. It is
mix all sound from different applications before sending to the driver.

There are the steps to reproduce problem:

1)      Start playing sound to stream with small buffer (for example set
buffer length to 100ms in foobar, start Fable game, Counter Strike, etc).
Sound hears correctly.

2)      Go to hibernate and back.

3)      There are glitches in the sound.

4)      Open another sound application (for example Windows Media Player).

5)      Player’s sound looks good, by foobar sound still with glitches. In
this case, kmixer mixes sound from media player and foobar, so if I hear
sound from media player correctly (but foobar’s sound with glitches) – it is
not a driver a problem.

6)      Close foobar, and reopen it. Foobar’s sound still with glitches. So,
it is not foobar problem too.

7)      To fix it, we’ll need to close all audio applications (to recreate
render stream). After it – all will works as excepted.

8)      If driver can support multi-streaming – foobar will works normally
(looks like because stream will not managed by kmixer).

9)      All works without any problems for Vista and Windows7.

I have tested it with driver created by another author  – the same problem.

I have tried to change system timer resolution (always set to minimum,
before hibernate and after), maximum number of buffered mappings (5
mappings, every - 10ms), timer frequency (every 10ms) – no result.

Looks like kmixer mixes some streams incorrectly after hibernate.

Have any ideas how to fix it? Or maybe I miss something?

Thanks a lot, Michail.

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