[wdmaudiodev] Re: Issue with DRMtest on AVStream driver

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  • Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2007 13:38:54 -0800

I've talked with some others here and the test may be using a questionable 
method to determine whether the device under test is a USB Audio device. It 
searches the device interface name for "\global". (Parsing device interface 
names is not recommended as these are to be treated as opaque strings.) Does 
your device driver use "global" for the interface reference string when 
creating the device interface? If not, you might try changing this for now just 
to see if it remedies your problem. I will follow up here about getting the 
test updated.

Frank Yerrace
Microsoft Corporation
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I've written an AVStream audio driver for a USB audio device and is facing some 
issue when I try to run the DTM DRM Test on my driver. I'm failing the last 
test item in the DRM test, which state the failure reason being portcls.sys not 
found in the list of authenticate drivers that was expected to fail. Does 
anyone know anything about this, for it does not seem to make sense to me since 
the AVStream architecture is implemented directly in KS.sys and does not sit 
under portcls.sys, which is true for other miniport audio drivers.

I've also tried to run the same test using the MS usbaudio.sys and this failure 
does not occurs. I've also check that the list of drivers verified by the DRM 
test is the same for both the usbaudio.sys and my AVStream driver (ks.sys, 
usbccgp.sys, usbd.sys, usbohci.sys, drmk.sys and the audio driver)

Thanks for any information.


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