[wdmaudiodev] Re: Identifying if an endpoint is virtual or physical

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Sometimes developers want to do the exact opposite. That is, they want to do 
everything possible to have their driver product look as close as possible to a 
"physical" audio device to Windows and Windows apps even though it's not. Can 
you describe what scenario you have that requires your module to know whether a 
device is "physical"? In fact, maybe you'd first need to more thoroughly define 
the meaning of "physical device" here.

Frank Yerrace

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Hi all,

One of the requirements for my module is to enumerate through the 
available/active endpoints in the system and determine which of them are 
*physical* endpoints (not something exposed by a VAD or something). I looked 
through the endpoint properties, but couldnt figure out a reliable way.

Would appreciate if you guys cud suggest a solid way. Thanks.

 --- Kannan Ramanathan

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