[wdmaudiodev] INF initialization of private APO registry keys

  • From: "William R. Huttel" <whuttel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 09:21:28 -0600

I've developed Vista APOs following the sample source code. I have added some properties which are set by registry keys, and added a UI which alters them, and communicates them to the APO (which registers for callback notification). I would like to set initial values for these properties on installation of the package (driver, APO(s), UI).

Unfortunately, it appears that any keys added in the relevant INF AddReg section ("FX\\0...") under the endpoint are not copied to exist under the MMDevice subkey as is the case for "known" registry keys (e.g. "PKEY_FX_Association"). Experimentation shows that changing the keys through the Ui results in changes under the MMDevice "FXProperties" key, so that they are read by the APO at its next initialization.

Is it possible to initialize custom FX keys using the INF?

Related to this, I have also added a custom audio format (which exists in _rgCustomFormats[] in the sample, and is retrieved through IAudioSystemEffectsCustomFormats). This appears under the "advanced" tab for the endpoint in the audio speaker icon dialogs. I would like a way to initialize this list to the custom format through the INF as well, and it is not clear to me if or how this can be done.

Thanks for any insights on the matter,



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