[wdmaudiodev] Re: IAMPushSource support in AVStream

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It is not listed in the supported interfaces that are visible using

Also one user reported this as a bug.

However, I have not written a program to actually verify this.


I did look carefully at the documentation in MSDN and determined, perhaps
incorrectly, that there is nothing for  an AVStream driver to do to expose
this interface; however, it is not clear that KsProxy will expose that.


Since the interface is not listed in the supported interfaces using
GraphStudio and since it was reported by customer...I assumed that reported
lack of support to be true. I will write a  program to specifically verify
it. After I do it, will report back. I anticipate that report is reliable
based on the source, however.


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Sam Tertzakian wrote: 

I have an AVStream Video/Audio capture driver. I want KsProxy to expose the
IAMPushSource interface on the audio and/or video filter. The documentation
in MSDN states that if the pin is exposed as a PIN_CATEGORY_CAPTURE and
IKsPropertySet is also exposed in the filter that the filter is considered a
"Live Source". The documentation also states that "Live Sources" should
expose IAMPushSource. But it does not appear to be the case...the interface
does not appear to be supported.

Why do you think so?  How did you check this?

Is there something I need to do (such as support a specific property set) in
the AVStream driver to cause that interface to be exposed?

Ksproxy should expose that for all live capture sources.

Tim Roberts, timr@xxxxxxxxx
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