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Thank you Tim,
Is there any code samples in DDK or other location?

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  Sam Tertzakian wrote: 

    If you want to change the audio for all possible streams/devices under 
2000/XP, then the best choice is a WDM "lower filter" driver that sits under 
KS.sys. The driver will pass all requests unmodified. However, for reads and 
writes it will modify the data. For writes, your driver will receive a WRITE 
IRP and will modify the data (change voice) and then submit the same IRP with 
modified data down to the next driver in the stack. For READ IRPS it will set a 
completion routine, then pass the IRP down to the next driver in the stack. 
When the lower driver has filled the IRP's buffer with audio, the IRP will 
arrive in your completion routine. There you may modify the data that was read 
and then complete the IRP which will send it to the application.


    I can tell you with certainty that all of what I am saying works, because I 
have personally done this.

  Yes, me, too.  This is good advice.  I would also point out that you can 
write this filter using KMDF, which makes the process of writing a filter 
driver much easier.  You still have to worry about the details of handling 
IOCTL_KS_READ and IOCTL_KS_WRITE requests, but you don't have to worry about 
power and PnP and the read of the boilerplate.

    One more thing...what you want to do is not trivial. There are some details 
I left out.

  This is ALSO 100% correct...  ;)

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