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thanks for your clear answer.
> Well, the problem is not so much "low latency" as it is "predictably
> latency", right?  For example, if you have a DirectShow graph to mix the
> streams, and you discover that your USB audio stream is 10 milliseconds
> behind your PCI audio stream, you can compensate for that by putting a
> delay into the PCI audio stream.  That latency is going to be pretty
> consistant for that given set of hardware.  No matter what you do, even
> if you use DirectKS, you are never going to get two audio streams to
> line up exactly.  You will always have to compensate in some way.
right. I was not so happy to choose DirectKS vs DirectShow because of that 
For the latency, i did not actually really calculate the requirement for the 
One part of the application will be a VST plugin. 
This Plugin will get the sound from the external USB device and pass it to 
cubase (or ..) for playing.
I don't know if 20ms of latency will be a problem in that configuration.

>Using DirectKS is going to be a lot more trouble than building and
>tuning a DirectShow graph.  You need to be really sure that DirectShow
>won't solve your problem.
I will try DirectShow. In that case can i use i use the UAA USB Audio 1.0 class 
driver in the graph?

Thanks again for your help,

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