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Hi Tim,

Sorry, it's probably my loose use of KS. To quote 

The plan for future Windows products is to provide built-in multimedia APIs and 
core services with very low latency and complete bit-for-bit transparency. 
These features should eliminate the need for any application program to 
circumvent the audio subsystem. The IOCTL requests used by the sample 
application rely on internal aspects of the current architecture that are 
likely to change in future operating systems. Be forewarned that the DirectKS 
approach is unlikely to work on operating systems after Windows XP and Windows 
Server 2003.

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  Jerry Evans wrote: 

    It is also wrth mentioning that the KS interface is likely to be dropped in 
Vista so the investment in time may be of limited value. Some of the Microsoft 
people here may be able to comment on this.

  Can you tell me what you mean by that?  Stream.sys and AVStream are both 
sticking around for Vista.  Are you saying that there might be a new, non-KS 
model for audio drivers (which I had not heard), or are you saying that 
DirectKS might not work?

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