[wdmaudiodev] Re: HCK for Windows 8.1 and USB Audio Class 2 devices

  • From: Tsai Tzung-Dar <tdtsai1973@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 08:50:09 -0700

What miniport you use for your USB Audio Class 2 driver? If you use 
MiniportWaveRT or AVStream to implement your USB Audio Class 2 driver, as I 
known you do not need any HCK filter. If you use MiniportWaveCyclic to 
implement USB Audio Class 2 driver, the issue 3 which in your list is HCK's 
bug. You should can use HCK filter to filter it. Other issue should be your 
driver's bug.
In my experience most of HCK filter for USB Audio Class 1 driver is only for 
inbox UAA. If you implement a customer driver for USB Audio Class 1 device, you 
still need to pass those test.
In my experience you just need to let you USB Audio Class 2 device action as 
HDA device, then you can pass HCK 2.1 test. 

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主旨: [wdmaudiodev] HCK for Windows 8.1 and USB Audio Class 2 devices


has anybody on the list experience with getting a USB Audio Class 2 device with 
a propietary driver pass the audio device tests in HCK for Windows 8.1?

I am seeing a number of severe issues here with some of the tests:

(1) KS Position tests do fail due to startup timing and jitter issues
(2) Lullaby test does fail due to startup / shutdown issues on the USB isoc 
(3) General Audio test fails (on Windows 7 only) due to a failure IOCTL\KS 
defined\IOCTL_KS_WRITE_STREAM\Cancel IO test

Some research in the HCK filter database shows that there are filters for such 
issues for the inbox USB Audio Class 1 driver (and the Bluetooth audio stack), 
so it looks like this kind of problems is known to Microsoft.

Can anybody shed some light here?

Thank you very much in advance!


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