[wdmaudiodev] Re: GFX/LFX fullduplex support.

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It is also there to be USED by applications in their audio graph and as an 
example of that the Microsoft RTMedia API includes this AEC DMO and most other 
communication processing algorithms an application will need.

In Vista I don't see the need to ship AEC, mic array processing, etc in a 
device centric fashion anymore especially because you cannot guarantee that 
YOUR input and output endpoints controlled by your driver will BOTH be the ones 
used by the user's communication applications. Given the fragmented device 
ecosystem AEC really belongs in the app graph and not as a device (one piece of 
silicon) specific feature although I am sure the community will disagree with 
me :)


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pete c wrote:

just a curious is your clients AEC available for the public purchase as a 
software driver,

No.  They are shipping it as part of a hardware product.

id like to experiement with a commercial AEC my built in AEC that comes with my 
dell laptop doesnt seem to work very well.

You can experiment with the AEC DMO that ships with Vista.  That's what it's 
there for.


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