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There's still a "global disable", but it only affects SFX and MFX effects. EFX 
effects are "always on", even for RAW mode streams.

Processing that previously went into an LFX should typically go into an SFX.

Processing that previously went into a GFX should typically go into an MFX.

Only certain specific kinds of processing should go into EFXs, such as encoding 
effects that talk to the Kernel Streaming pin factory in a compressed format, 
or speaker protection effects that are necessary to protect the hardware in the 
system from vibrations.

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With GFX and LFX APOs, even if you didn't provide a property page, the APO 
could be bypassed using the "Enable Audio Enhancements" checkbox in the 
Microphone Properties dialog.

I've now changed one of my LFX APOs into an EFX APO for Windows 8.1.  It 
appears that the APO can no longer be controlled by the "Enable Audio 
Enhancements" checkbox -- the APO is always being called.

Is that the expected behavior?  Is there no longer a global "disable"?

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