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Eugene Muzychenko wrote:

Just imagine that the same approach is used for applications. Once
installed, every application gets registered in a system database, and
the system uses database records to modify some application
properties, out of your control or even awareness. ...  The only way to
get a "clean" application behavior is to change its version, even if no
modifications were made to the application itself. I don't think you
like this behavior of the system. :)

I think you would be wrong in your assessment.

The issue is that your worldview is that of a developer., quite naturally  Developers are the ONLY people for whom a complete "clean" uninstall is important.  Users don't care; they just want things systems to work.  For a user, it's a better experience if their system remember that they had X Device installed last year, so it doesn't have to do a big reinstallation.  Big corporate application folks want exactly the situation you describe, where memory is forever.  That's the only way that licensing and copy protection can be made to work.

I don't agree with the Microsoft philosophy that "memory is forever", but I have some understanding of where it came from, and it's not going to change.

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