[wdmaudiodev] Re: [EXTERNAL] Detecting the app that sent the audio stream in an APO

  • From: Tim Roberts <timr@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2021 09:40:26 -0700

edwabr123@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

I support this request since voice apps need a specific processing applied in APO to be compliant with e.g. Lync spec.

But at what point does that cross the line into cheating?  The Lync specs were (presumably) carefully constructed to provide an optimal signal for video conferencing.  So, wouldn't you want to do that processing for every video conferencing app?

It seems to me a dangerous slippery slope to have "Zoom" mode and "Skype" mode and "Lync" mode and "Teams" mode and "WHQL" mode.

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