[wdmaudiodev] Re: Does DRV_QUERYDEVICEINTERFACE work?

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This is at least the second time this has come up on this list. I've
advised the technical writer of the issue.


Frank Yerrace

Microsoft Corporation


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If I may answer my own question, I've just got it to work by using a
DeviceID number instead of a handle for the hwi parameter in
waveInMessage. This in spite of the SDK documentation for waveInMessage
saying that hwi is a "handle to the waveform-audio input device" and the
DDK documentation saying it should work with either. Agh!!



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        Subject: [wdmaudiodev] Does DRV_QUERYDEVICEINTERFACE work?


        I'm trying to use DRV_QUERYDEVICEINTERFACESIZE and
DRV_QUERYDEVICEINTERFACE in a call to waveInMessage, as per the
documentation in the current DDK under "Obtaining a Device Interface
Name", but waveInMessage returns MMSYSERR_NOTSUPPORTED. This happens on
both Windows 2000 (SP4) and Windows XP (SP1).


        Has anyone managed to get these calls to work?


        Jeff Pages

        Innes Corporation Pty Ltd

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                Subject: [wdmaudiodev] Blocky looking metering in


                I have written an AVStreams capture driver.


                I am experiencing a clunky, blocky display in audio
applications that provide visual metering of the audio signal.  Upon
closer inspection,  in Soundforge, If I set the "Status Format" to
"samples", and record, the  "time recorded" field on the record window
increments by ~12k samples (48kBytes).  Other audio cards increment by
MUCH smaller amounts.  I notice that 12k*2channels*2bytes is about one
AVSream queue's worth of data (6 * 8192k frames).  

                I am KsEditing the Allocator structure to allow
selection of frame size, but in this instance, 6, 8k frames were


                I am completing the frames with the following code:


                .... transfer the data to the StreamPointerBuffer

                 StreamPointer -> StreamHeader -> DataUsed +=

                 Pin->audioPosition.WriteOffset += TransferSize;


                  // Now figure the duration 
                   StreamPointer -> StreamHeader ->OptionsFlags =
                   StreamPointer ->
StreamHeader->PresentationTime.Numerator = Pin->kstimeNumer;
                   StreamPointer ->
StreamHeader->PresentationTime.Denominator = Pin->kstimeDenom;
                   StreamPointer -> StreamHeader->Duration =


                   if (STATUS_DEVICE_NOT_READY ==
                       status = STATUS_PENDING;
                    status = STATUS_SUCCESS;




                return status;


                Any ideas?



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