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Hi Thomas,

Do you mean the GUIDs returned by DirectSoundEnumerate?  They are
actually generated within dsound.dll using this rule:

<BD6DD71A-3DEB-11D1-B171-00C04FC200xx>, where xx is the order in which
the devices are enumerated by SysAudio.sys.

If changing the preferred audio device changes the order in which
SysAudio enumerated the devices, it will change this GUID; I don't know
of any way to avoid that.

Dugan Porter - DirectX Audio Dev Lead - Microsoft
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We've had a bug report that the GUIDs reported with DirectX enumeration
our devices change after the user changes the prefered audio device but
that others in the system remain constant.
Does anyone know what triggers the regeneration of the reported GUIDs
some devices?  Is there some change we could make to keep the GUIDs
reported for our devices constant?

Thomas Eckert
AudioScience Inc

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