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 I think the goal here is to "match" the device names as presented by WINMM
in it's waveOutXXX APIs?

It gets a little tricky, because things changed based on whether you are
running Windows XP, ME, 2K, or 98! This is what I have found to work well:

On 2K and 98 (and for non-USB Audio on all platforms): It's okay to use the
"FriendlyName" entry from the "interface" regkey.

On Me and XP (USB Audio only): Use the Location Information
(SPDRP_LOCATION_INFORMATION) from the corresponding "device" regkey.


At 06:41 AM 3/31/2003, Olivier Roblin wrote:

The string 'USB Audio Device' (or another description) comes from the .inf
file that you use to install the device. If the device is a generic
USB-AUDIO device, and if no custom driver are provided, the string comes
from the default installer and is then : 'USB Audio Device'. You cannot have
something more accurate without a custom inf file.


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Subject: [wdmaudiodev] Re: Device enumeration

>It is. but is the device description 'USB Audio Device' or something more
>descriptive. For example I've got 5 USB audio devices plugged into one of
>the workstations and there is no easy way to distinguish between them ...
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>Subject: [wdmaudiodev] Re: Device enumeration
>>You can get any information stored in registry. In the case I mentioned,
>>returned the device description in an ANSI string...I think it's what
>>want, no?
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>>Subject: [wdmaudiodev] Re: Device enumeration
>>>Hi Olivier
>>>Thanks for the tip. What, precisely, do you get back from the function
>>>The stuff is not device specific - it should work with any hardware
>>>a WDM driver.
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>>>Subject: [wdmaudiodev] Re: Device enumeration
>>>>Hi Jerry,
>>>>You should use SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryProperty in the function
>>>>SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryProperty  read registry information for a
>>>>DevInfoData. Ask it for a SPDRP_DEVICEDESC.
>>>>For which device do you write your dll?
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>>>>From: "Jerry Evans" <jerry@xxxxxxxxxx>
>>>>To: <wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>>Sent: Monday, March 31, 2003 1:13 PM
>>>>Subject: [wdmaudiodev] Device enumeration
>>>>>Does anyone have a clever way to enumerate KS devices ? I'm
>>>>with the MS KS sample but would like to be able to display available
>>>>in a friendlier fashion than their internal GUID style identifiers.
>>>>DirectX do things ? I've tried manually enumerating the appropriate
>>>>entries to get the GLOBAL\Device Parameters\FriendlyName value but
>>>>generally contains things like USB Audio Device which is not so

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