[wdmaudiodev] Re: Correlation of DSound device with PnP device ID

  • From: "Dugan Porter" <duganp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 23:35:03 -0700

On NT (i.e. WIndows 2000, XP, and beyond), the DSound device GUID is
generated within dsound.dll, based on a simple algorithm which picks a
base GUID dependant on the device type, and modifies the last byte of
the GUID to match the "wave" device ID corresponding to the device.
For example, the base GUID for (non-emulated) audio rendering devices
So if you have a soundcard whose device ID in the waveOutXxx API is 2,
then its device GUID in the dsound API would be:
{0xbd6dd71a-3deb-11d1-b171-00c04fc20002}  <<< 2 at the end.
Similarly for capture devices and emulated render and capture devices.
Dugan Porter - Audio API Dev Lead - Microsoft
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Subject: [wdmaudiodev] Correlation of DSound device with PnP device ID

Please disregard my earlier post.  I finally understand how to use the
SetupDiXxx functions to do this.  Duh !

I am curious about something though.  In the DSEnumCallback function,
where does the lpGuid ("GUID that identifies the DirectSound driver")
come from ?  It appears to be generated dynamically (on WinXPSP1 at
least).  Is there any documented use for it other than as a parameter to
DirectSoundCreate ?

>Does anyone know how to correlate a DirectSound device with the PnP ID
of the hardware ?
>I would like my application to run only on certain hardware. 
>I know I could test the lpcstrDescription parameter in my
DSEnumCallback routine.  For example:
>   if (strcmp (lpcstrDescription, "My Device Name"))
>   {
>      // don't wanna use this device...
>   }
>But, I would like to be a bit more certain that it's really the correct
device.  So, I'd like to (somehow) get the hardware ID (e.g.
VEN_1234&DEV_5678&SUBSYS_AA55AA55&REV_01) associated with the device and
do a strcmp or regular expression match on that instead.

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