[wdmaudiodev] Re: Changing default audio device in Windows 7.

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Ok not to keep rubbing. But here are a few examples we are having issues with, using microsoft components to develop user applications. With XP and below, no problems, as we could adjust the "default" before implementing the M/S component, then change it back to what it was. Now with Vista/Win7, we have no means of directing output:

1. IE Control / Direct IE instantiation - ONLY uses Default Mapper. (utilized for displaying online video tutorials, etc - Flash, etc) 2. Windows Media Player - When media is an acceptable stream with WMP, we will utilize, but have no means of directing the output
3. Powerpoint embedded visual/audio display

All of these we utilize heavily, and in environments where the this is a group broadcast (forum of people), the computer is not near where the speaker is, etc.

Just pointing out their should "maybe" be away for an application to take control of the output for defaultmapper within process or something.


Rian Chung wrote:

Currently we do not have the concept of a default device per application. You, as an application developer, may choose any specific device (which is essentially an application default device) or use what the user has set as their preferred playback device (default device).

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Yes and no. I would agree its short sighted on the IE side. But being able to set a "default" device for application? is that possible?

Tim Roberts wrote:

Shawn Lewis wrote:

Maybe I wasnt clear. I am desiging an application, which utilizes say the IE control. Now MOST VIDEO sites and such use MOVE NETWORKS, FLASH, etc. How to control where this sound is to be output?

Their is no way. :( Its up to the user EXIT MY application. Set a default devide in control panel, Start my application, go back to control panel and reset the default...

Not sure thats what a user experience to the positive effect would be called....

You're complaining about something completely different here. Even if there were a programmatic way to change the default audio device, that wouldn't help this situation one bit, because there's still no way for IE to bring up a dialog to choose one.

What you are describing is an application problem, not a system problem. The application here (IE) was too short-sighted to provide a way to select an audio device. Complain to the Internet Explorer team, not to the audio team.

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