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  • From: "Martin Puryear" <martinp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 00:15:22 -0700

Hi all,

Over the last few years I've been fortunate enough to represent MS in
the BarBQ and MMA forums.  All Things Must Pass - I'm moving into a
different part of MS in the next week.  Luckily, we have someone moving
into this role that can more than fill my shoes!  

Many of you already know **Steve Ball** from his previous or current
work at Microsoft.  Steve can reply-all with comments he might have, but
allow me to embarrass him for a second - 
* Steve is an accomplished acoustic guitarist and recording artist with
a number of albums to his name, and a NARAS member to boot.  
* Steve is an expert on human-computer interaction and GUI, as well as
an excellent program manager and project leader.  
* Steve is a great human being and all-around nice guy - I can't imagine
a better mix of music, technology, and people interaction.  

Where am I going?  After eight years in Windows multimedia, I have
accepted an offer to join Microsoft's Core OS Division as an Architect
on the Lifecycle Development team.  I'll be leading the team defining
Engineering Process for Blackcomb+ ... or whatever the next generation
of MS operating system offerings is.  I'll be focusing on problems 3+
years out, so it will be reminiscent of BarBQ (but sadly lacking in
campfire rants).  I'm really excited about this opportunity and jumped
at the chance.  I've really enjoyed working with you all over the years,
and it's possible we'll cross paths in the future for various reasons.  

This transition should be a smooth one.  WDMAUDIODEV continues to be a
useful place where the community takes care of its own.  It's a great
place to get Microsoft's attention too (better than emailing
individuals).  Jeff Hoekman continues to represent MS on the MMA
Technical Standards Board.  It's Steve's call on who gets to go to BarBQ
this year (I'll miss Todor - doh!).  For matters not appropriate for
these public forums, Steve is the general point of contact
(SteveBal@xxxxxxxxxxxxx), although audio hardware vendors should
continue to contact Hakon Strande (HakonS).  Feel free to cc: me if you
think I could be helpful.  Thanks Steve, Hakon and Jeff for taking on
these "lightning rod" roles!  

Feel free to forward this to folks around your neck of the woods that
Steve or I may have worked with previously.

All the best,

Martin Puryear
Software Architect
Lifecycle Development
Windows Core OS Division

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