[wdmaudiodev] Re: Capture audio from USB Audio Device on XP (SP2)

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  • Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 12:24:13 -0000

Hello Hauke,

> did the latest hints from Jerry solve your problem?

I'm afraid not. I've written the results in a separate email as a reply to the 
email from Jerry.

> Did you try your software with a lot of audio interfaces?

I this tried with Media Assistance USB-One, Ardvark USB3 and a Logitech 
headset. I've also tried it with a Alesis Multimix12, but that has similar 
problems with 48kHz on standard WaveIn, so I'm ignoring that one for the 
moment... Which device are you currently working on?

> that is probably what you call asynchronous..)

Yes, but I've been using autoreset events to be honest. I hand the buffers over 
to the pin but the events for the buffers never get signalled. I've also tried 
synchronous - just directly read the data without using events. This works for 
other devices (and USB on Win2k) but with USB on XP the read function never 
returns - the program is waiting for data indefinitely.

Best regards,

Ing. Edwin van den Oosterkamp

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Hi Edwin,

did the latest hints from Jerry solve your problem?
As soon as reading your EMails and testing a new USB device I found out
that I use ks exactly in the same way when considering the procedure to 
open the capture pin and
get the same results, output works well, input does not.
Also the ideas from Jerry did not make any difference.

Did you try your software with a lot of audio interfaces?
I have seen that capturing works with some USB devices but with the one that I 
am currently working with it does not.
I use it in a way to flush 2 or more buffers (index 0..1 for two buffers)  to 
the hardware waiting for an event to be notified, one event associated to  each 
buffer ( handles, in manualReset = false, that is probably what you call 
My problem is that the first input buffer (index 0) is fine but after that the 
hardware seems to not continue capturing anymore.
Also the GetPosition(...) function of the pin does always return the same value 
after the first buffer.
My idea was that I pass the buffer to the hardware and the handle is notified 
as soon as the buffer is filled but with the USB device the buffer handle is 
notified in the moment when the buffer has been passed.
When switching to the PCI device, the buffers are reported the first and then 
the second (index 0 and then index 1), then the first again (index 0) and so on.
Also the GetPosition(...) function returns continuously increasing values. In 
other word: It works well.
Best Regards,


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