[wdmaudiodev] Capture audio from USB Audio Device on XP (SP2)

  • From: "Edwin van den Oosterkamp" <edwin@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 12:30:23 -0000


My application uses Direct KS to access audio interfaces. This works well for 
standard (PCI) interfaces and USB interfaces on Win2000. The only problem I 
have is capturing on a "USB Audio Device" on Windows XP (SP2). I can find the 
correct filter, create a pin and set it to the running state. It just never 
produces any data, but I don't get any errors either. Rendering (on the same 
USB device on the same system) works fine. Using the same code on the same 
system but with a PCI audio interface works fine as well.

The application prefers stereo 48kHz 16bits. I've tried other settings (like 
44.1kHz) but without result.
I've tried a number of USB audio devices (of different manufacturers) - all use 
the same built-in driver and all give the same result.
I've used event-driven I/O as well as synchronous I/O - neither method produced 
any audio data.
I've tried WAVEFORMATEX as well as WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE (both for PCM audio) - 
with no positive result.

So I Googled, searched MSDN and read various forums and mailinglists. I found a 
few people with similar problems, but unfortunately without solutions.

I hope someone on this list will be able to point me in the right direction to 
solving this one. Maybe I need to do something additional while setting up the 
capturing on USB? Is there a special waveformat I need to use to capture from 
USB? Any suggestion will be welcome - the wall is getting pretty dented here 
from me banging my head against it and all... 

Best regards,

Ing. Edwin van den Oosterkamp


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