[wdmaudiodev] Re: Can MSVAD samples be built for W2K under new WDK?

  • From: "Don Bell" <0dbell@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 14:04:31 -0500

Matt, thank you so much for your answer. Indeed, the original makefile for
the 'simple' sample contains the following:

=========  START QUOTE =========
!       IF $(_NT_TARGET_VERSION)>=0x501
!               INCLUDE $(NTMAKEENV)\makefile.def
!       ELSE
#               Only warn once per directory
!               INCLUDE $(NTMAKEENV)\makefile.plt
!               IF "$(BUILD_PASS)"=="PASS1"
!                   message BUILDMSG: Warning : The sample "$(MAKEDIR)" is
valid for the current OS target.
!               ENDIF
!       ENDIF
!       INCLUDE $(NTMAKEENV)\makefile.def
==========  END QUOTE ==========

So, just for a quick test I (temporarily) changed it to a single line

! INCLUDE $(NTMAKEENV)\makefile.def

And it started compiling some cpp files until it stopped with the error:

NMAKE : fatal error U1073: don't know how to make

I quickly found stdunk.lib' in
C:\WinDDK\6000\src\audio\stdunk\objfre_w2k_x86\i386, so I copied it to the
'c:\winddk\6000\lib\w2k\i386 folder just to see whether the build can pass.
It passed that stage but then additional errors occurred:

c:\winddk\6000\src\audio\msvad\simple\minwave.cpp(613) : error C2065:
 'KSAUDIO_SPEAKER_5POINT1_SURROUND' : undeclared identifier

c:\winddk\6000\src\audio\msvad\simple\minwave.cpp(614) : error C2065:
 'KSAUDIO_SPEAKER_7POINT1_SURROUND' : undeclared identifier

I guess that all these issues can be ironed out, but for now here is my take
on this:

1. I now understand why Microsoft commented out the W2K build in the

2. I don't understand why Microsoft does not even hint in its documentation
that the MSVAD samples are essentially blocked for W2K.

3. I was hoping to use those sample as a learning vehicle for a beginner
like me. I guess I will stick with the XP version, until I develop some
confidence (deep understanding) in tweaking various parameters in the build

Thanks again - I am now going to delve into deep learning...


On 3/20/07, Matt Gonzalez <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You can build it for Windows 2000 by changing the makefile.  You also
may need to remove support for KSPROPERTY_SYSAUDIO_COMPONENT_ID, but I'm
not 100% sure about that.


Don Bell wrote:
> Hello - and greetings from a newbie in world of Audio WDM.
> As part of the process of learning the subject, I wanted to build the
> MSVAD samples and install them on a Windows 2000 test box. Everything
> in the WDK documentation indicated that this should be possible.
> However, the build script and makefile for the audio samples, as they
> come out-of-the-box, let me build and install only for a Windows XP
> (and higher) target.
> Is it true that using the latest WDK (as opposed to the older DDK),
> the MSVAD samples can no longer be built for W2K as a target OS?
> If so, does anyone know why? (since if this is true it certainly
> contradicts the current WDK documentation)
> Thanks is advance,
> Don

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