[wdmaudiodev] Re: Anyone here worked with Windows CE?

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Why not just use ASIO?


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Hi Andy,

What kind of latency figure would be acceptable in your scenario? I don't
think you will ever get it lower than 1 ms on XP.

Maybe, instead of going Windows CE, you could have a look at Linux. There
are some guys there doing good work. For example Ardour seems to be making progress. I don't know what kind of latency figures you can expect on that
platform, but at least you have a lot of options to tweak.
I am not speaking out of my own experience. It's just some things that I
read about it that grabbed my attention.


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Hi all,

Having just gone through another frustrating afternoon trying to reduce
Windows audio latency, I am motivated once again to think of alternatives
for real time audio algorithm development. I have a couple applications
where a minimum 4.5 millisecond latency is just not attractive.

I will probably have to use standalone DSP cards for development in order to
avoid this problem, but the development tools on such boards just can't
compare to Visual Studio.

I have thought before of building a Windows CE target using a standard
Pentium motherboard, and cross developing from a host Windows XP machine.
I've heard that the Visual Studio tools for this sort of cross development are pretty good. I would imagine that Windows CE could be configured to have
much lower latency than Windows XP.

The problem is that the audio driver model is different, and I am afraid
that finding a Windows CE driver for multichannel audio IO would be
impossible, and that developing a driver myself would be very time

Has this idea occurred to anyone else? Is it even feasible? Has anyone
succeeded? Does anyone have opinions on related subjects?


- Andy Voelkel


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