[wdmaudiodev] AW: asio2ks development?

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  • Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 16:57:52 +0200

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> Betreff: [wdmaudiodev] asio2ks development?
> Hello All,
> Does somebody know about the development of the ASIO2KS driver?
> Some months ago there's a big activity on this topic, since 
> then there's no
> update.
> I think quite a lot people in the world is interested in this topic.


unfortunately I have been VERY busy with my development-
activities at work which only left very little time for
this "private" project. Hopefully this will end shortly
after "Systems" fair in Munich in 2.5 weeks.

There are still some minor issues to fix, mainly concerned
with application-interop and some additional stuff like
direct-monitoring I'd like to integrate. As soon as this
is done, there will be an official release.

There are already some interested parties which would
like to distribute this software - so stay tuned for
announcements on the asio2ks homepage.


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