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>  > Apart from that, I develop this MIDI-driver (IEEE P1639 midi 
>  > over ethernet) "just for fun", so I wouldn't be willing to pay
>  > $200 per year to get a manufacturer-id from the MIDI-association.
>  Just FYI,
>  If by "just for fun" you mean you won't be distributing any
>  products using the MIDI Mfrs ID, then you don't need to apply
>  for an ID, you can use the non-commercial ID (7D).

This software will be made publicly available - though for free...
>  Also, for MIDI over Ethernet you might want to look at the IETF
>  RTP-MIDI protocol. Both were developed with input from the MMA,
>  but RTP-MIDI is essentially complete and meets all of the MMA's
>  requirements, while the situation with IEEE-P1639 is still unclear.

What do you see unclear with the P1639 protocol in regards to
requirements of the MMA?


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