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net stop audiosrv
do your replacement
net start audiosrv

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When debugging an APO, one often needs to copy a new DLL into place to test it 
out.  That seems to be somewhat challenging.  The audiodg.exe process has the 
APO DLL loaded, which means I can't replace it.  In order to replace it, I have 
to wait until audiodg.exe times out and exits, something that seems to take 
about 3 minutes., thereby testing my patience.  Audiodg is running when the 
system reboots, so even a reboot doesn't help this.

I can certainly rename the old DLL, copy the new one into place, and then 
reboot, but that seems sub-optimal.  Is there a way to force audiodg.exe to 
timeout so I can switch APO DLLs behind its back?  I'd love to have something 
that is the equivalent of "devcon restart" for kernel drivers.

I clearly understand this is not an end-user scenario, so if there is no 
answer, there is no answer, but I also know that developers tend to build 

Tim Roberts, timr@xxxxxxxxx
Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.


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