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Help Engineers wrote:

1. Can we Convert the Effects of Audacity as the sAPO.
2. Can we Convert the Algorithms written in MATLAB as the sAPO
Can the functions of the .C generated from the MATLAB using matlabcoder can be called from existing apo like swap and delay from the APOProcess
3. How to write a wrapper between this .C code and swap apo to call the functions of .C from swapapo.

Of course it's possible.  An APO is not magic, it's just a user-mode DLL.  You can put whatever math you want inside APOProcess.  No "wrapper" should be necessary.  Installing an APO is usually harder than coding the APO.

The more difficult questions are not "how", but "why".  Remember that you can't write and distribute a "general purpose" APO.  An APO is always part of the driver package for a single device.  If you're not selling audio hardware, then you don't really have a place to put your APO.   Also, most of the effects in Audacity are not things you would want applied to every byte of every piece of audio you play.  That's why most effects make much more sense embedded in an applications that can use them, and not as system-wide objects where they impact performance.

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