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There is no existing AEC GFX module. AEC among other audio processing is
an application graph audio processing object (DMO) in Vista and does not
live in the lower-level system effect infrastructure which is reserved
for certain types of common audio hardware vendor value-add. There is no
native support for time stamp (for instance) communication between a
render GFX/LFX and a capture LFX which would be necessary to accommodate
AEC at that low level. There are no concrete plans to create such a
communication channel either but it is being considered as part of
future planning.


For now you either choose to be a Windows friendly device in which case
you leave AEC, Mic Array, etc processing to the application that the
user is using or you choose to build a device that may only work well
with Windows applications (that make use of the Vista app graph
processing algorithms) if you turn of features of the device (which
device designers could at least allow the user to do as a compromise so
as to not render the device semi-useless/troubled when used with some
Vista applications).




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Based on the contacts I have received, it appears that there are a
number of companies who have microphone array, noise reduction, and
acoustic echo cancellation products, who are concerned (with good
reason) about how their carefully constructed algorithms can participate
in Vista.  It seems to me that most of these companies do not really
care very much about the infrastructure; they want to be able to supply
their own algorithms, based on their own research by their teams of
big-brained algorithm specialists.

It has occurred to me that it might not be too difficult for Microsoft
to provide a plugin interface to the existing AEC GFX module, thus
allowing these companies to integrate their own algorithmic libraries
into a known-good GFX infrastructure, without having to reinvent the
user interface aspects or the installation and system integration

I'm wondering if that approach has been considered, or if the answer is
just "rewrite the whole GFX".

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