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I forwarded the post to Kathy Ellis from VMDB.  Here is her response:

As a response to this person's post, it is possible to have Procedure list 
similar to a diagnosis list using SNOMED.  Currently the coders code the 
surgical procedures as well as certain other procedures, such as Chemo.  VMDB 
has thrown around the idea of creating a procedure listing.  What would be best 
is for the EHR to use charge capture, automatically coding charges that are 
specific enough to be coded without manually being done (example:  spays, 
castrations, tie-back surgery, etc.).  VetStar currently does this.  What we 
need is a VMDB master procedure list that institutions could then tie into 
their charges, surgery reports, etc.

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I see a need for the separate MPL as well.  It’s an important part of our 
current paper medical record.  I really like your idea about structuring it 
similarly to the dx process.  Would be nice if there could also be some way to 
automate addition of some select problems to the MPL based on a particular 
procedure that was done.


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It appears that, as in UVIS, it will be difficult to find the meaningful 
Procedures for a patient in VetView. It will be very easy to list everything 
that is categorized as a procedure and has a procedure code, but these are of 
limited help when a clinician is trying to understand the previous management 
of a case. An example would be Exploratory Laparotomy. This will be a 
procedure, but doesn't tell the clinician what was done. It might lead to a 
diagnosis of Liver Carcinoma, but was it removed/biopsied/?? There is a need 
for greater clarity, just as we have in the Problem/Diagnosis process. We need 
a Major Procedures list. Currently, on paper, I enter the major procedures in 
the Master Problem List. So, after a problem of hip dysplasia, I will add 
"Total Hip Replacement, BFX, Left". If the dog is later lame on the right hind 
limb, it could still be hip dysplasia. If he is lame on the left hind limb, the 
differential diagnosis list is quite different.

While it is possible to continue this approach in an EMR, it muddies the MPL 
and makes an entry that doesn't fit the SOAP process. It would be better to 
have a separate list. My thoughts are that it would be very like the Diagnosis 
process where there would be a major term, the ability to add qualifiers, and a 
free text comment if needed.

I would love to hear thoughts from others about this concept, and other 
suggestions for how this could be done

Simon Roe

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