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Thanks for subscribing to the Valley of the Geeks more-or-less monthly
newsletter.  Welcome to our many new readers from the telecommunictions
industry who are gearing up for SuperBomb 2002 in Atlanta this week. 
I'm sure it'll be just "peachy".  If you haven't done so, please spend
a moment and vote for us at the Webby Award People's Voice.  This is
our last chance to pester you before the voting takes place.  Click on
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This month's winner of FREE geek gear is the charming and talented
Here are links to some of the most recent stories.  New items are
posted weekly (except during World Cup finals).   
Still More Banner Ads We's Like To See...
Global Crossing: Who knew $1 would buy so many shares?
Senegal Kicks France's Balls
Beats Crap Out of Former Champions
What Not to Say to a Recruiter
Take This Job And ..
Wolfram's Law
Everyone Else Is An Idiot
WhirledCom Bonds Cut
Cheaper By The Ton
Bertelsmann Buys Napster
T-Shirts A Key Asset
Awards & Recognition
As Seen in the Houston Chronicle and Washington Post
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And don't miss these classic satires: 
Project Management 101
Interview with Frank Brain
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Hoo hah!
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