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I know one of the NVDA developers - I'll seek advice and many thanks for the


Best wishes.


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I've been very quiet over the last couple of days, because I've been playing
catch up by testing all the stuff I've tested with JAWS with NVDA. I can
confirm that all the testing was successful, but found one significant
problem with NVDA.

Given that I've two sound cards in this system, I've dedicated one to screen
reader speech, and use the other for all other sound output.

If I run NVDA, I get a driver conflict when running Sonar 8.5. I checked my
settings in NVDA, and it is set to output to the correct card. Having
unplugged various things, I can safely say that it is using the card used
for other sounds, despite the fact that the preference box says otherwise. 

I chose to ignore the error, and proceeded. All controls were announced
correctly, and I was able to manipulate tracks in my test project with no
problem. The speech was a bit crackly at times, which was probably down to
the fact that I can't get NVDA to change sound cards.


Any thoughts?





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