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Yes, that sounds like a good idea!







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I like programs where there is a "select/unselect all" option when there are
many items to check.  Makes it very easy to select or unselect everything
then one can just change the checkboxes one wants to in order to customize a
few settings.





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I'm finalising the code for reading LED lamps and there's a trade-off to
handle.  The current design allows you to define named states (e.g. on, off,
flashing, red, rein, etc.) for each LED that you define.  This is very
flexible and will survive any conceivable LED implementation that a
manufacturer could come up with.  The downside is that, if you've got a
protocol that defines 50 lamps, each of which supports 5 states, you've got
to define a total of 250 states, which is boring at best.  A work-around
would be to provide a check box that, if checked, would make all LED lamp
interpretation for the protocol point to a single set of state definitions.
From a code point of view this is a bit of a cop-out, so I'd appreciate
feedback on what behaviour users would prefer to experience.  


I'm under a reasonable amount of time pressure, so I'll have to make a
decision within the next 48 hours or so, so please have a think and respond.


Best wishes.


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