[visurfacereader] Re: FW: May be a problem here

  • From: "Tim Burgess" <tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <visurfacereader@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2012 16:44:27 +0100

Hi David,


I've put this answer on-list, as I think it's useful information for any
MIDI user.


Don't despair.  The problem is caused by you juggling your drivers.  Windows
enumerates your installed MIDI devices as it starts up and gives each a
unique 0-based integer value.  Uninstalling and reinstalling drivers can
cause the numbers to change, especially if you've changed your available
devices in the interim.  Knowing what I do about your system, I think your
order of driver installation went something like this:


1 - Installation of the BCF drivers;


2 - Installation of MIDI-Yoke;


3 - Installation of AutoMap drivers;


4 - Uninstall/reinstall of the BCF drivers and/or MIDI-Yoke.


The re-install of any drivers after the AutoMap installation almost
certainly changes the enumeration of your ports.  This causes a problem for
both the Mackie and Surface Readers, as their stored port ID values are
thrown out.  With the Mackie Reader I didn't really implement any
error-checking and you'd find that the order of the devices in the list
boxes would be different to previously, with the wrong device selected, as
the selection was based on an offset from the driver ID.  In SurfaceReader
there's more error-checking to make sure that you know you've got a problem,
hence the four warnings - each one describes a mismatch between the stored
ID values and its associated device name.  You can solve the problem by
re-selecting the ports in the appropriate dialogs.


If you really want to reset your SurfaceReader device configuration, delete
the .srs file(s) for the offending control surfaces then use the Surface
menu to Add them again.  The files can be found in the following locations,
based on operating system:


Windows XP:


C:\documents and settings\all users\application data\raised bar\surface


Windows Vista/7:


C:\programdata\ raised bar\surface reader\surfaces




/library/raised bar/surface reader/surfaces


Hope this helps.


Best wishes.






From: David Reynolds [mailto:dkreynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: 29 July 2012 12:52
To: 'Tim Burgess'
Subject: May be a problem here




I've uninstalled Surfacereader, primarily to clean out the registry, and
start again.

However, on launching SurfaceReader, I get an error.

BCF2000 Out: port 1 could not be opened. The not be opened bit repeats about
four times.

There appears to be no way to reset the device to factory setting.





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