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In my experience, you'll never get it right, but I'd personally prefer to
see it under the Surface menu. To me this seems to be the most logical place
for it.






P.S. I'd leave this for the next release. Building menus is pretty
straightforward in VB, but I'm not sure how easy it will be using the C++
wizard you have.





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Hi Dave,


See my other post.  The essential point here is that "Edit" means exactly
that - there's got to be something loaded before you can edit it.


I must admit that I couldn't quite decide how/where to put the application
configuration stuff, so it's split between the File and Edit menus.  I
suppose I could create an AppConfig menu with Add. and Properties. entries
below it, though I could also argue that I should add App Config as an
option to the Surfaces menu, showing it as a sub-menu with Add. and
Properties. options below it.


Which makes most sense from a users perspective?


Best wishes.


Tim Burgess

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I decided to settle down and test the application configuration section, but
I can't get into it.

I select my control surface, and select edit/application configuration from
the menu. The program crashes on an unhandled exception. The exception is
caught however, so this may be some code that has been left in by accident.

Perhaps I have done something wrong,





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