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Visual Flight News

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Scotflight Scenery: Scotland 1.0 - Available now!

The acclaimed Scottish scenery designers, Iain Gallacher and Iain Murray have
joined forces with Visual Flight to present their all-new scenery for Microsoft
Flight Simulator under the banner Scotflight Scenery, dedicated to bringing you
the best airport and landmark scenery for Scotland and the Scottish border -
Scotland 1.0.

NB. This is conventional 3D building and object scenery, NOT photographic
scenery.  (It is hoped that photographic scenery for Scotland will be available
in 2004).

The Download Edition is available for just £14.99 from the Visual Flight web


The CD Edition is planned for release next week.

More information

Scotland 1.0 features 18 Scottish airports and airfields, plus a staggering list
of features including power stations, TV and radio masts, petrochemical works,
docks, ferry terminals, lighthouses, bridges, piers, golf courses, hotel,
castles, towers, palace, fort, monuments, factories, chimneys, city centre
buildings, flats, shipyards, cranes, tracking stations, windfarm, electricity
pylons, ships, boats and yachts.

Scotland .0 also includes landclass scenery, detailed coastline and 'real water'
for various locations in Scotland, though special attention has been paid to
certain areas, i,e, the Firth of Forth, Firth of Clyde, Dundee, Perth and around
Note: this is not photographic scenery, but 'conventional' high quality airport
and object scenery.
Additional information

Scotland 1.0 is specifically designed to be compatible with Iain Gallacher's
freeware Glasgow, Edinburgh and Prestwick airport sceneries.

A free update is planned to include a detailed scenery for Edinburgh City
Centre, more airstrips in the Western Isles, additional lighthouses and many
more electric pylons.

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