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Welcome to everyone who has recently joined the Visual Flight mailing list.
We've news of something slightly different this time round, RIAT Fairford
Scenery, which is a showcase for the work of an exciting new designer, Carl
Edwards, who has just come in to flight sim design with a background in
professional 3D design in Hollywood films and award-winning games.

There's also a bit of chat about VFR Terrain and VFR Photographic Scenery, and
the impact they made at the recent Flight Sim show in Blackpool.

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John Farrie
Visual Flight
3 Jul 2004


Forgive the lengthy title, but getting the wording right on everything is just
about the only thing holding us up from releasing this fantastic little gem of
scenery design. A proportion of each sale will go to the Royal Air Force
Benevolent Fund via their trading division, but dotting the I's and crossing the
T's on the arrangements are taking a little longer than anticipated.

RIAT Fairford:

The web site above contains a wealth of information and screenshots, but in case
you're offline right now, here's an extract:

RIAT Fairford Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator re-creates the atmosphere
of the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT), in particular the 2003 event at
RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire. Designer Carl Edwards has been able to adapt
his Hollywood-level capabilities to the restrictions of Microsoft Flight
Simulator and deliver a superb compromise of out-and-out modeling detail and
practical reality.

RIAT Fairford is designed for FS2002 and FS2004. It can be used alone with the
default Microsoft scenery or alongside popular add-on sceneries such as VFR
Terrain, VFR Photographic Scenery and UK2000 Scenery/British Airports. An
easy-to-use installer makes installation a doddle for novice users, while the
expert will appreciate the detailed documentation and installation options which
will allow them to adapt RIAT Fairford to integrate with their carefully crafted

In addition to the detailed aircraft buildings and features, RIAT Fairford also
includes a huge collection of static display aircraft, many with show-specific
markings, positioned as they were during the Air Tattoo 2003 event wherever
possible. To complete the atmosphere and detail of the event, RIAT Fairford
includes crowds, fairground rides, hot air balloons, hot dog stands, beer tents,
trade stands, marquees, advertising hoardings, banners, coaches,  tour buses,
military and civilian vehicles, marker cones, crowd-control line and even the
all-essential toilet facilities.

At this stage, you could be forgiven for wondering about frame rates.  The good
news is that despite the incredible amount of detail in the scenery, good frame
rates are maintained through a combination of superb design skills and user
selectable performance options. RIAT Fairford is an airshow, not a slide show!



More information:


Horizon Simulation used an Elumens 3D projection system to demonstrate VFR
Terrain and VFR Photographic Scenery, drawing a lot of attention both to the
display system and the scenery itself.

Although I was not able to attend the show myself, I've since been told that
some influential visitors from the USA who had previously been unaware of VFR
Terrain and VFR Photographic Scenery, were stunned by the quality and the 3D
effect. If this means that US flight sim users no longer think that photo
scenery starts and ends with MegaScenery, that will be no bad thing.

VFR Terrain and VFR Photographic Scenery are available from Horizon Simulation:

As always, your co-operation in buying direct is appreciated.

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