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Visual Flight News

It's far too nice to be indoors flight simming at the moment, but here's
something to add 3D detail to the photographic scenery in SW England and
beyond - Nick Ryall's South West England Landmark Scenery.  With a download
price of only £9.99, I think this is a great way to add to your enjoyment of the
photographic scenery, and if you're a helicopter pilot, you might appreciate the
challenge of trying to land on the helideck of one of the many lighthouses.

I'll say no more, just pass you over to the text of the official press

Visual Flight announces Nick Ryall South West England Scenery

In a surprisingly short time, Nick Ryall has created a reputation as a
first-class FS2002 scenery designer with his widely acclaimed landmark scenery
for South West England.

Nick Ryall has teamed up with Visual Flight to bring you Nick Ryall South West
England Scenery, an extensive collection of lighthouses, bridges, rocks,
islands, sea features, car ferries, TV and radio masts, historic and ancient
monuments, engine houses, castles, factories and wind farms for South West
England and beyond.

Notable features include Goonhilly Earth Satellite Tracking Station, Lundy
Island (complete with lighthouses, village and landing strip), St Michael's
Mount, the Eden Project, Glastonbury Tor and Stonehenge.  Bridges include old
and new Severn Bridges, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Royal Albert Bridge and Tamar
Bridge.  Recent addions include Drake's Island, Wellington Monument and
Devonport submarine docks with subs and working cranes. Windfarms at Goonhilly,
Four Burrows, Carland Cross, Bears Down, St Breock Down, Delabole and Cold
Northcott are all modelled.

Lighthouses include Lundy North, Lundy South, Hartland Point, Crow Point, Bull
Point, Lymmouth Foreland, Blacknore Point, the Needles, Anvil Head, Portland
Bill, Berry Head, Eddystone (with helipad), Smeatons Tower, Plymouth Breakwater,
St Anthony's, the Lizard, Start Point, Tater Du, Longships (with helipad), Wolf
Rock (with helipad), Bishop Rock (with helipad), Peninnis, Round Island, Pendeen
Light, Godrevey Light (with island) and Trevose Head.

Helicopter pilots will be pleased to learn that lighthouse helidecks are fully
landable. Wolf Rock is a particular challenge as it was the first rock
lighthouse in the world to be fitted with a helideck, and one of the smallest.

Nick Ryall South West England Scenery is the perfect add-on for VFR Photographic
Scenery, blending detailed gMax 3D objects accurately into the photographic
landscape. Many of the scenery objects feature dynamic moving effects, and there
are some special features waiting to be discovered.  It is equally useful for
users of the default FS2002 scenery wanting to add interest and detail to South
West England and beyond.

Nick Ryall South West England Scenery is supplied with an easy-to-use setup
program, making it simple for the novice user to install. The setup process is
fully documented so that experienced users can check in advance how it will
integrate into their existing system.


* Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002
* Flight Simulator: A Century of Flight (to be confirmed)
* VFR Photographic Scenery and default FS2002 scenery
* UK2000 Scenery/British Airports
* Lago Terramesh


Nick Ryall South West England Scenery is available from Visual Flight.   A
demonstration version is also available.

* Download Edition: £9.99
* CD Edition (inc UK delivery): £14.99
* CD Edition (inc overseas delivery): £16.49

Web site: http://www.visualflight.co.uk/nickryall

About Visual Flight

Visual Flight is a specialist developer of scenery for Microsoft Flight
Simulator, and is the creator of VFR Photographic Scenery for England & Wales,
the first flight simulator add-on scenery to cover an entire country seamlessly
and accurately with high quality aerial photography (the Millennium Map from
Getmapping plc).

More information

Web site: http://www.visualflight.co.uk/nickryall
Email: John Farrie - john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Visual Flight

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