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Visual Flight News

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Nick Ryall SW England - Available Now!

Nick Ryall SW England Scenery brings you an extensive collection of
superbly-designed factories, islands, villages, coastal features, bridges,
lighthouses (with landable helipads), sea defences, ferries, TV masts, tourist
attractions, lightship, satellite station, ancient and no-so-ancient monuments,
castles, Cornish engine houses and wind farms for FS2002.

Nick Ryall's frame-rate-friendly gMax models are designed specifically for
compatibility with VFR Photographic Scenery making it the perfect complement to
the photographic textures in the South-West of England.

Many of the scenery objects feature dynamic moving effects, and there are some
special features waiting to be discovered. The scenery also includes detailed FS
Navigator flight plans allowing many of the features to be explored in a
manageable series of flights. If you don't have FS Navigator, a trial version is
available from www.fsnavigator.com, or you can use a map or chart to follow the
plans from the descriptions in the User Guide.

The download verion of the scenery costs just £12.99 and is available only via
Visual Flight. You can order securely online using your credit card (most
currencies handled) or by phone, fax or post (subject to an additional handling

The CD Edition (identical to the download edition apart from being supplied on
CD) will be available in a few days time for £17.99 (UK) or £19.48 (Europe/Rest
of the World).

Nick Ryall scenery:

To purchase:

Many thanks to all of you who have expressed interest in Nick Ryall's South West
England Scenery, and apologies that this release is a little later than
originally anticipated.

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