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Horizon Simulation have announced today that VFR Generation X, the high resolution successor to VFR Photographic Scenery, has today been released to manufacturing, with a final release date to be announced very shortly.

VFR Generation X is the stunning new high resolution photographic scenery from Horizon Simulation which transforms FSX into a superbly flyable, super-accurate and detailed rendition of the whole of England and Wales. With a photo texture resolution of just over 1m per pixel (sixteen times more detailed than your existing VFR Photographic Scenery) and a terrain mesh resolution of less than 5m (four time more detailed than VFR Terrain even), the end results are stunning, allowing low level flight with incredible detail in the ground scenery and very few, if any, of the performance problems which sometimes made flying with the original VFR Photographic difficult to set up.

Although I have not been involved in the development of VFR Generation X, I am very excited about its release as a flight sim user (yes, I do occasionally get a chance to fly in Flight Simulator as well as developing for it), and I've had more fun with the demo scenery than I have for some time. I even got the 3D glasses out to experience the stomach churning sensation of cresting the ridges and passes of the Welsh mountain, following tracks and roads around the mountain sides and through the valleys, seeing the Welsh scenery like I've never seen it before - except in real life of course!

In recognition of my role in creating and developing the original VFR Photographic Scenery, Horizon Simulation (publishers of VFR Generation X) have made special arrangements for VFR Generation X to be pre-ordered through the Visual Flight web site:


Orders taken this way will be processed by Horizon Simulation just as if they had been ordered direct from the publisher, but in recognition of Visual Flight's role in creating, developing and supporting VFR Photographic Scenery, they are happy to give a little back to Visual Flight in the form of a percentage of each sale.

Until a definite release date is announced (days or weeks rather than months), the scenery can only be pre-ordered, but by pre-ordering via the Visual Flight web site, you will be ensuring that you receive your copy of VFR Generation X at the earliest opportunity. Horizon Simulation will be shipping all pre-orders so that they are delivered on or before the official release date.

VFR Generation X covers the whole of England and Wales plus the Isle of Man, and is released in three volumes priced at £29.99 GBP per volume. You can save £20 by ordering all three volumes together for just £69.99 GBP:


To those of you who have already pre-ordered VFR Generation X, I would like to extend a very sincere thank you for your loyalty and support. To those of you who may now be planning to place an order, I thank you in anticipation of you are considering doing so via Visual Flight.

If anyone has any questions about VFR Generation X, including why I think it is such a key product for the future of flight sim in the UK (Scotland unfortunately is still awaiting a complete photographic data set), please feel free to ask on the Visual Flight forums or in reply to this newsletter. You can find discussion of VFR Generation X on the Visual Flight forums here:


To pre-order, or simply to find out more, please visit the VFR Generation X web pages at Visual Flight:


Best wishes

John Farrie
Visual Flight

10 Nov 2006


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