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Those of you who make frequent visits to the Visual Flight forums can hardly
have failed to notice a buzz of activity in recent months largely due the
the superb efforts of a group scenery designers who have been brought
together by "DazzyB" to generate what must be one of the most exciting
collaborative freeware scenery developments since the legendary "Magrathea"
UK scenery design group that some of you will remember from FS98 days.

I've been asked by DazzyB to pass on the following information, which I'm
very happy to be able to do:


The VFR Addons Database Team have the pleasure in announcing that their
freeware design team at The VFR Addons Database web site, formally known as
'The VFR Autogen Project' have discovered a way in which the complete
Microsoft autogen engine can be totally customized. This means that they
will be redesigning all the existing autogen trees, buildings and other
objects in the default autogen library to make them entirely British
looking. They will then be using the new library to continue to add the new
custom autogen to Visual Flight's VFR Photo scenery: England & Wales series
of products.

"Not only are we replacing the existing Microsoft autogen models with new
British ones, but we are extending the library to include many new British
objects. This will mean that you will see cows, sheep and horses grazing in
fields, tractors working in fields, scattered hay bales, people in towns or
on beaches, birds flying amongst trees, cars, lorries and coaches on the
roads, working street lamps at night, fuel garages, train stations, boats
and ships, trains and many other objects. The bonus to all this is that
because the objects are optimized for our new autogen library, frame rate
performance impact will be kept to a minimal."

For more information and screen shots, please go to


For those of you who are wondering what all this really means, I'd recommend
that you take a look at the Screenshots page. The combined effect of VFR
Photographic Scenery, VFR Terrain and VFR Addons such as trees, buildings,
cars, streetlights, animals, caravans, cathedrals and more really does add
an extra dimension to the experience of flying in England & Wales,
particularly at typical VFR altitudes.

As a reminder, all this is freeware, and is made possible by the superb
efforts of all involved. If you've visited the site yet, you really do owe
it to yourself to have take a look.

For the very latest news, please visit the VFR Addons Database web site:

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 John Farrie
Visual Flight
27 May 2005

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