[visualflight] Upgrade information for Visual Flight London 1.0 users

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  • Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 21:26:21 -0000


Following on from the announcement of the release of Version 1.1 of Visual
Flight London, some users have been asking whether they need to get the new
version if they already have version 1.0:

The answer is that it depends. Version 1.1 is an update allowing you to use
Visual Flight London with the default scenery as well as with VFR
Photographic Scenery and VFR Terrain, and this is done by providing Visual
Flight London with it's own geographically accurate terrain base for the
Visual Flight London scenery to sit on. Whether you need the new version and
how much benefit you will derive from it depends on what combination of
add-on scenery you currently have:

* If you don't have VFR Terrain, I'd recommend that you obtain the new
version of Visual Flight London (1.1).

* If you have VFR Terrain but not VFR Photographic Scenery, I'd also
recommend that you obtain the new version.

* If you have both VFR Terrain and VFR Photographic Scenery, you'll still
see some improvement in the terrain particularly in the docks around the
airport, but it's not essential that you get the new version.

* If you have neither VFR Terrain nor VFR Photographic Scenery OR if you
sometimes fly without VFR Photographic Scenery enabled, you should
definitely obtain version 1.1.

Also it depends what version you have already. If you have an earlier
version than 1.0d, you should download the new version anyway.

If you decide not to obtain the new version, you may still want to obtain
the updated and vastly expanded documentation - see here:

http://www.visualflight.co.uk/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3291 (forum
registration required, or email to request direct link).

The new version is available by download to existing users free of charge.
To obtain it, simply repeat the instructions in your original download
instructions email.

John Farrie
Visual Flight
25 Feb 2005


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