[visualflight] FS2004 Toolkit - Installation and Migration Tools for FS2004

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FS2004 Toolkit - Installation and Migration Tools for FS2004

If any of you are wanting to move all your scenery library entries from FS2002
to FS2004 without the hassle of manually adding them to Scenery Library in
FS2004 one by one, you might be interested in the free FS2004 Toolkit from
Visual Flight.

You can also use it to install FS2002 scenery (or other add-ons) into FS2004.
The only qualifier to this is that you have to be sure that the add-on isn't
going to mess up your FS2004 setup (e.g. by overwriting or altering FS2004
'system' files), or be prepared to accept the consequences if it does!

The toolkit includes the following separate programs:

1. FSMigrate - Allows FS2002 Scenery Library entries to be selectively copied to
FS2004 without disturbing the existing FS2002 set-up or requiring that scenery
be uninstalled/re-installed.

2. FS2002_IS_HERE - Allows FS2002 add-ons to be installed direct into FS2004 by
fooling them into thinking FS2004 is FS2002. Can also be used to set or change
the FS2002 path in the Registry.

3. FS2004_IS_HERE - Unlikely to be needed, but can be used to set or change the
FS2004 path in the Registry.

The toolkit has already been used by members of the Visual Flight Forums and
visitors to the FS2004 updates page run by fsmagazine.nl with good feedback and
no serious problems reported, but I'd like to test the waters a little more
widely before making an official announcement, so your help and feedback would
be most welcome.

Please note that use of the toolkit is entirely at your own risk, and you should
always check with official web sites and use their recommended
updates/installers/patches for FS2004 wherever possible.

You can download the toolkit from:


New low prices on VFR Photographic Scenery!

Sorry to repeat this item, but it's such a good deal that I feel it's worth
reminding you in case you missed it last time round:

The award winning VFR Photographic Scenery from Visual Flight/Getmapping is now
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This price only applies to online orders from Getmapping. Telephone orders are
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Scotflight Scenery FS2004 Compatibility

Scotflight Scenery is compatible with FS2004. To install into FS2004, just run
the installer.  If you are upgrading from an earlier version, see this forum


An update is expected to deal with a few minor issues that have arisen with
FS2004, but these shouldn't spoil your overall enjoyment of the scenery too much
in the meantime. With the recent release of version 1.1, Scotflight Scenery
represents excellent value for money.

Web site:

Nick Ryall SW England Scenery - FS2004 Compatibility

Nick Ryall SW England Scenery is fully compatible with FS2004. To install into
FS2004, just set the install location to the main FS2004 folder (usuallly
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9) at the Choose FS2002
Location screen using the Browse button.

Web site:

Ordering FS2004

If you haven't already ordered your copy of FS2004, you can help support Visual
Flight by ordering from Amazon using the following links:



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