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LS&S has one that allows you to set six alarms. You pre-record prompts to sound 
when the alarm goes off giving verbal instructions. It is called Recording Your 
Minder. The website on the box is 
www.MedCenterSystem.com<http://www.MedCenterSystem.com>. I ordered one from 

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If for medications you might want
The MedCenter System - Talking Monthly Medication Organizer and Alarm
"Never Miss A Dose of Your Important Medications!"
MaxiAids # 157265, $69.95

Can get just the clock portion from ILA #328002, $34.95


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Hi Everyone!
Can someone please give me your opinion of the best device with multiple 
alarms?  This is for a person who needs several reminders during the day and 
would need them every day.  I've thought of the IClock and the Moshi but if 
anyone can suggest anything better I'd truly appreciate it. To be honest, after 
reading the reviews for the IClock I wasn't very impressed and I believe the 
Moshi only has two alarms. Thanks so much in advance.

Susan-Marie Huang

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