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Neat trick, and if you can do it with color why couldn't someone do it with 
textured or shape stickers.

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  I had a client who could see colors and she actually came up with her own 
system.  She used those colored circle stickers (red, blue, green, yellow) that 
you can get in the office supply stores. On the day she bought groceries, she 
marked everything perishable (milk, yogurt, eggs, etc) with the same colored 
dot. Then she put a dot of the same color on that day on the calendar. That 
gave her a pretty good idea of how long she had had something in the fridge and 
when to get rid of it.

  Renee Man
  Carroll Center for the Blind
  Newton, MA

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        I am currently finishing up a kitchen curriculum with a high school 
student. We have just covered basic rules for storing and labeling foods and 
what the shelf life is for a variety of foods. Here's my question: How are 
people labeling the 'use by' or 'sell by' dates on fresh foods stored in the 
refrigerator? I know about the pen friend, and we've made braille labels, but, 
in real life, are folks going through the trouble for dated goods? Or just 
trying to remember when they bought the food and generally how long it keeps? 
Or just using the food until other clues (smell, texture, etc) let you know 
it's gone bad?


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          Hello Terrie, We don’t use them at all and don’t even demo them with 
clients. Lynne Luxton

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          Do any of you use Fischburne labels with your consumers? I am trying 
to get a sense of whether these are declining in popularity and use or whether 
they are still a useful tool. Are there some persons who could benefit from 
Fischburne labels who cannot learn braille? 

          Thanks for your input. 


          Terrie Terlau 


          Terrie (Mary T). Terlau, PhD 

          Adult Life Project Leader 

          American Printing House for the Blind 




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