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Below is a post I sent to one of the deaf-blind technology listsservs.
I have updated it slightly, but most of the info is the same. This is
only coming from the perspective of me as a user, and nothing else.

Hope it helps,
When you first launch the app, you are put on the Scan button. Before
scanning anything, I would highly recommend going to the help section
of the app and reading their tips on scanning, as it can save a lot of
time and grief. While locating barcodes and UPC codes on products can
be difficult, once you find them, the rest works quite nicely. Again,
for assistance with this, see the help section in the app
or on the Digit-Eyes website. Essentially, you will position the
camera over the item in question and try to take your best guess as to where the
barcode is located. The tip on this indicates that you should slowly
move the backward facing camera on your device over the item starting
at 6 inches and working your way up over the item until it is about 18
inches below the iDevice. This is because the auto focus setting will
lock on to the item you're trying to scan. Note that it doesn’t matter
what orientation the barcode is in, the app simply needs to recognize
that it has found a barcode to work properly. When the app has located
the barcode, the phone will
vibrate, indicating that you don’t need to move the camera around anymore.
Digit-eyes recognized all 5 of the items I put in front of it. Once
you have scanned the object and the barcode is recognized, the phone
will speak and show in braille what the object is. Moving to the right
one option will give you the more info button, assuming there is more
info in the database, which will give you more specific information
about the product such as ingredients’, manufacturer, serving size if
applicable, calories, a recipe if appropriate, etc. Moving to the
right one more option lands you on the option to Google the product
where you can find even more info, such as prices from nearby retail
markets. The app will jump directly to this button if there is no
further info in the databases. This function is
ladled as "web search". Moving to the right one more time gives you a
button where you can report wrong descriptions. I have never gotten
one of these, though my experience with this app is still relatively
limited. I have been told by those who have contacted Digit-Eyes that
the customer service people are very prompt and respond positively to feedback.
Flicking right one more time will land you on the Scan button again.
QR Codes (Quick Response)
While not the original intent of the creation of QR codes, Digit-Eyes
allows you to sign up for a free account on their website, and you can
then print off whatever ladles you want. The most typical way to do
this would be with address labels that you can purchase at any store
that carries mailing products. The challenge with this is cutting the
codes out correctly, and if you do not have enough vision to do this,
sighted assistance may be required. You can also have Digit-Eyes mail
you the QR codes already cut up and ready to go, but this costs more
money. Please see their site for details on pricing. The QR code
allows you to enter a short text description of the item of up to 100
characters. Once the QR code is affixed to whatever you want to be
labeled, you can then scan for the code and it will read back the
result and also display it in braille. You can even purchase special
labels from Digit-Eyes which are washable, meaning that you can attach
them to clothing and store whatever info you want on the tags. They
must be sewn in to the clothing. 50 of them costs $19.95 and you must
indicate what you'd like on them before they mail the labels out to
you. The website indicates that these are good for 50 washes, but I
have no info as to how long they last. The
website also says that most dry cleaners will sew these labels for
someone for .25 a peace. This was the case for me. I've since run the
labeled clothing through the laundry a couple of times, and the labels
are still in tact.
There is an audio portion of this app as well, but I didn't bother
with it since I mainly use braille. From what I have read and been
told by others , this portion of the app is also very easy to use, but
that the speech from VoiceOver can sometimes interfere with the
The paid version of Digit-Eyes is available for $19.99 on June 27,
2012. The free version only allows for the reading of QR codes that
have already been created, or that you create on Digit-Eyes. The paid
version gives you access to the UPC, EAN, and other barcode databases.
Please note that this app will use a small amount of data when looking
up an EAN or UPC code. The QR codes do not require any data usage.
For more info, please see www.digit-eyes.com
or it's entry in the App Store at
Finally, for more thoughts on this app from the perspective of
VoiceOver users, see

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