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Good evening all,

Thanks so much Garett for your quick response to the below messages.

As a comment, according to what I have heard, university programs are not at

Just another reason why we need to continue to get the word out about VRT's.

Deanna Austin

Chair, VRT division 


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Dear Ali and All, 

Good evening. Thank you or your comments. 



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Dear Garrett & All,


Ah, yes.  If VRTs are to be eventually reimbursed for services by Medicare
and if referrals to vision rehabilitation is to be accepted practice by the
medical community, then the new ACVREP certification standards make sense.


The increase in certification standards match the ACVREP mission as listed
on the website at http://www.acvrep.org/: "Advancing professional competency
in vision rehabilitation and education to promote service quality."


We are, indeed, at a critical time when quantity of VRTS also matters so the
people who require the services will receive them.  Yet, in the long-term,
this profession needs to  continue to gain legitimacy which may, in turn,
translate into funding and increase the likelihood of universities
re-establishing VRT training programs like Florida State University, my alma







Ali Lee , CVRT
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Dear Maureen and All, 


Good morning. I hope this finds you all well. To provide some clarity on the
matter the changes to eligibility criteria (formerly Category 3; now
Category 2, scheduled to be terminated on August 31, 2010) only pertains to
those individuals who are seeking initial ACVREP certification. For those
with who already hold ACVREP certification, recertification requirements
remain the same. Therefore, Maureen and others in her situation are not
affected by the change.


I was fortunate enough to address this issue at the AER International
Conference during the VRT Division Meeting. The biggest issue relative to
this matter is that this change leaves only one pathway (Category 1) to
apply for ACVREP Certification for Vision Rehabilitation Therapy. It is
import to be clear in the fact that this single pathway is degree bound.
Given this new provision and other conditions facing the field, I asked the
individuals present if this change would yield good our bad consequences on
the field as a whole. For those not able to attend, I would like to extend
the same opportunity. Please express any concerns or positive consequences
resulting from this action. I will be happy to share these comments with the
ACVREP Board and the CVRT Subject Matter Committee, which will be
implemented shortly. 


Thank you.  


Garett A. Holm, President


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