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Chintan Trivedi wrote:
> Is there a way in vision egg where I can define which of my two
> monitors I want my stimulus on?
> The get_default_screen command always returns the primary monitor for
> presentation of the visual stimulus.
> I have a monitor that controls visual stimulus and another monitor
> connected to the same CPU that presents the stimulus.
Hi Chintan,

The way to do with is with environment variables read by SDL.

setting the environment variable


will cause the VE window to be draw in the upper left of your left
display. (This assumes your multi-monitor setup acts like a single
stretched display.)

There's an entry in the FAQ: http://www.visionegg.org/Documentation/FAQ
(See "How do I specify where on my screen the display should go? If I
create a window, I know how to direct the graphics to a certain location
within that window, but how do I set the position of the window itself?" )

Also, there are various emails to this archive in the past years about
it. See the thread at



Andrew D. Straw, Ph.D.
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