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  • Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 18:52:24 +0100

Hi Mason,

I had a quick look at your scripts. I would recommend to use
the on attribute that every stimulus has got. You need to build a controller that sets the attribute to 1 for "on screen" and 0 if you wish not to show it.

something along that, if p ist your presentation instance:

def stim_on_func(t):
    if t < = 15.0:
        return 1
        return 0

stim_on_controller = FunctionController(during_go_func=stim_on_func)


hope I could help


Smith, Mason schrieb:

I'm getting this odd bug where Text objects are sometimes not displaying. I'm attaching some test scripts that create Text objects and viewports and try to display them. In test.py, the second Text object does not display; the screen is just blank after the first line of text finishes displaying. test2.py, by contrast, works as intended, with first one line of text appearing and then the second. The only difference between the two files is that in test2.py, the second Text object is created before the viewport for the first Text object is drawn, whereas in test.py the order is reversed. test3.py tries to draw four screens of text but only the first one gets displayed when I run it. Do you know what's going on here?

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