[visionegg] Re: installing visionegg on windows 2000

  • From: "Timothy Takemoto" <tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <visionegg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 21:43:19 +0900

Dear Andrew Straw, list members.

I have had the pleasure to download Vision Egg from your site at sourceforge. 

First I installed Python and the other modules you mention on your site (or at 
least I think I did).

This is the second time I have done this kind of thing since I have already 
PsychoPy. Similarly I could not get Pscyhopsy working. 

As you wrote on your installation instructions and quoted to the creator of 

> C:\Python22\VisionEgg". I recommend running "check-config.py" 
> in this directory to check your installation. Running from 
> the command line lets you see any output or errors."

I do not see any file called "check-config.py" in the visionegg
folder. The only files beginning with "c" are Configuration.py/pyc/pyo
and core.py/pyc/pyo. Hence, I am not sure how I would run check-config.py.

I tried it in the command line accessible from the start menu but,
perhaps because I have not set up my python path, there was no joy
there either. I am reticent to set up a python path when I can
see no sign of the check-config.py program. I have done it anyway.
and all of the folowing

python setup.py install
python check-config.py

do not work from the command line prompt from the start menu. 
I do not know how I would run command line commands "in" a directory.
I am using Windows not Dos. There used to be a way of running dos
by opening a dos window, within windows. I do not know how to run dos 
under my windows 2000 environment. I am not even sure that dos is still there. 

> I'd should add that the "demo" directory within C:\Python22\VisionEgg 
> really contains the demos, but I'm sure you would have figured that out...

I really expected there to be a demos folder. There is a demos
folder with the PsychoPy download. However there is no demos folder,
only a folder called, "PyroApps." This sounded reasonably demo
like enough, so I tried clicking on many of the little python
icons in this folder but with no joy. 

I have clicked on a great number of the python icons in the Vision
egg folder but with no joy. 

The Vision egg directory is C:\Python22\Lib\Sitepackages. 
I am using a Japanese version of windows 2000

Any help with this matter would be greatfully recieved. 

Timothy Takemoto
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