[visionegg] Re: installing visionegg on windows 2000

  • From: Andrew Straw <andrew.straw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: visionegg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, EESMITH@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 22:46:42 +0200

Hi Eric,

Next I downloaded and ran the "visionegg-0.9.4win32.exe program. However I dont
see any application on my system called visionegg. Is it supposed to create a
c:\visionegg folder? A folder called visionegg did appear in the python folder,
but i opened it and i didnt see any application called visionegg.

The Vision Egg per se is a programming library. Therefore, no program named "VisionEgg.exe" exists. (Actually it would be "VisionEgg.py".) However, there are a number of (hopefully useful) demos. Here's what the Windows Install webpage says:

The demo programs are installed with the Vision Egg library. The standard location is "C:\Python22\VisionEgg". I recommend running "check-config.py" in this directory to check your installation. Running from the command line lets you see any output or errors.

I'd should add that the "demo" directory within C:\Python22\VisionEgg really contains the demos, but I'm sure you would have figured that out...

Next i tried the command "c:\visionegg-0.9.4\setup.py install" using the command
prompt and got the error message "warning: unknown distribution option:
'classifiers'. Below that it read:
"running install
running build
running build.py
error: package directory 'src' does not exist

Hmmm... You shouldn't have to bother with this (installing from source) if you've used the .exe installer (which is what you described above). But, just in case you do want to install from source: Where did the c:\visionegg-0.9.4 directory come from? If it came from unzipping/untarring the source release, there should be a 'src' directory, which is what the error says is missing. It's puzzling to me. (The warning is just that and doesn't have to do with the problem.)

How do i run the program? Is my installation wrong?

I think you're 99% of the way there!

P.S. I would like to run an alternating checkerboard pattern, is that easy to
do with visionegg?

Yes. Option 1: Use the demo "visual_jitter.py" as a basis. (This method goes a bit deep into OpenGL territory -- it uses explicit texture data updating.) Note: I've just discovered a bug in this demo-- the axis ordering is swapped for Numeric array-based textures. I've fixed this in CVS, check out: http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/visionegg/visionegg/ demo/visual_jitter.py.diff?r1=1.6&r2=1.8 (And now I've discovered that sourceforge's ViewCVS server is running on the backup machine and is therefore out of date. Sometime, though, this should work. Sigh...)

Option 2: Use the the function put_pixels(). You can see the appropriate part of "multi_stim.py" as a basis. At the moment, you'll have to get the "bleeding edge" release for this. (Install over 0.9.4. Don't worry -- even though it's called "bleeding edge" it's very close to becoming a release -- I just want to tie up a few loose ends before I announce it as such -- there are no known bugs.) At some point I will write a much simpler demo to demonstrate this functionality without all the extra stuff the multi_stim demo does. This method actually does the same thing as option 1 above, it just hides all the details from you.


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